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I have over 80 CD's and growing full of Old Time Radio shows. I want more. I am willing to trade one for one CD's with other collector's. I only want OTR's in MP3 format. I know that there are others out there collecting OTR's and I am ready to deal. 


About my collection:
There are around 8500 shows on the 80 plus CD's. There are also over 500 duplicates and counting. I use MS Excel for my database. The majority of the shows in my collection have come from the usenet. About 20 percent have come from other sources. For those who already use the usenet to gather these gems up we probably have the same shows. There is always a chance that we may be able to trade a CD or two.
CD's for sale:
The last time that I tried this I had more people wanting me to burn CD's for them because they were not able to get them for themselves via the internet. I have noticed recently that there are a few traders that are selling there services at around $8.00 per CD. I think that I will try this for a while and see how it works out. This is not my purpose however, I just want to collect radio shows. Yet it would be nice to give others who do not have access or knowledge of the internet a chance to get some radio shows. Eight dollars seems like a fair price to charge. If I ever had to start over I would buy them instead of gathering them like I have done over the past two years. It costs me from $1.50 to $2.00 per cd, and about $2.00 for postage. The big expense comes from the bad copies, the maintenance not too mention the time involved.
Pricing as follows:
Eight dollars per CD, I pay postage. (Unless it is outside of the United States). Custom CD's will be $12.00 each ($4.00 more because customs are a pain). The first order I will insist on a money order, once I get to know you I will accept checks. Also, I will gladly buy CD's that I need for $8.00 each.
I have checked the internet and other sources and have found nothing illegal about distributing Old Time Radio shows. If you know of any laws that I am breaking, please let me know. Most of these shows are 50 to 60 years old and they should be public domain.
About Me:
I was born in January 1951, right smack dab in the middle of the television boom. There were only a few radio shows out then. During the 1980's I became a ham radio operator and would hear conversations between sightless hams discussing Old Time Radio. Of course, the format at the time was cassette tapes. I became interested in these discussions and started buying cassettes via mail order. Well it started to get expensive. The sightless hams would trade among each other but because I wasn't sightless I felt that I was intruding. OTR's are the perfect entertainment for the blind. In the nineties I discovered computers, which led to the Internet, which led to the Usenet, which of course led to the discovery of the Old Time Radio newsgroups and the invention of the Mp3 format. That's how it happened. Its interesting how the mp3 format, cdr's and the Internet all came out at around the same time.
Where I work is a T1 line where I do all my downloading. Also for around $12.00 per month I subscribe to a usenet service that gives all the big fat mp3 files. It becomes addicting collecting these shows. Also I purchased a RIO PMP300 MP3 player. This unit came with 32 megs of ram and I added 16 megs more. I get around a good 4 to 5 hours of radio shows on this unit. The battery (one AA) lasts around 13 or so hours. Also you can use only one of the earphones and listen in the car and still hear whats going on. I can drive forever with this get-up. Only last saturday I had to sit outside a tennis court keeping an eye on my kids for two hours. I plugged in my trusty PMP300 and listened to four Johnny Dollar shows. I understand that there are now other killer portable MP3 players out. I want to eventually get a player with at least 128 megs of flash ram. That's over 12 hours of OTR's per session.
Come back, I will be adding a lot more to this page.

I have over 700 Episodes of Mystery Theatre on 11 CD's Available for $8.00 each or will trade for other programs in MP3 format. E-Mail me for details.

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A tribute to the great ones! I would like to thank all those who made OTR acchiving possible. Especially those who took these radio shows in raw format and converted them to the MP3 format. Also I am very grateful to all those who posted these MP3 formatted radio shows to the Usenet and the Web.You are trully the OTR lovers. Gregg